Sally Hansen – “Lapis Amethyst”

I’ve had this polish a long time, about a decade. It was a present from my mother, who probably found it in a Walgreens. I wish the Nail Prisms line was permanent, because every swatch I see is gorgeous!

“Lapis Amethyst” is no exception. It’s a shimmery blue-purple duochrome with a hint of pink in the middle. The consistency is jelly-like, so each layer is slightly translucent and very shiny. I uses three coats in the photo above, but two thick coats gives almost the same effect. For a jelly, it dries fairly fast (though it can be dinted for a while after painting).

Keep your eyes open in case this or any other Nail Prisms polish appears in your life! I keep hoping to meet someone who has them all and inexplicably wants to give them away… ;)

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5 responses to “Sally Hansen – “Lapis Amethyst”

  1. I have quite a few of the not-so-rare ones, and I would *love* to have them all. I wish there was a list of them all so I’d know which ones I need to look actively for.

    • Agreed, a list would be so helpful. I haven’t seen one anywhere. I do know there are 15 Nail Prism colors total. If I manage to find all the names, I’ll put a lemmings list up here. :)

    • I dont have a full list but here is what I have found just looking for them online.
      #2-Prink Rose Diamond
      #4-South Sea Pearl
      #5-Emerald Amethyst
      #8-Amber Ruby
      #9-Blush Diamond
      #11-Fire Opal
      #12-Coral Amber
      #13-Ruby Diamond
      #14-Lapis Amethyst
      #17-Pink Pearl
      #25-White Diamond
      #29-Golden Tourmaline
      #35-White Turquoise
      #36-Lavender Sapphire
      Turquoise Opal
      Ruby Sapphire
      Garnet Lapis
      Purple Diamond
      Burgundy Orchid
      Pink Opal
      Pearl Opal

  2. Very pretty! I wish SH would bring back the Nail Prisms.

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