Welcome to Know Thy Nail Polish!

2/21/12 — Sorry for the long overdue note. I’ve uploaded swatches of nearly all of my nail polish collection, and I’m putting the site on hiatus to focus on work and other things. The blog will remain up for reference but it won’t be updated and I won’t be checking for comments. To anyone who uses the site, I hope it is helpful. Thanks!

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I strive to swatch all the polishes I own and create a convenient Nail Polish Index so that readers in search of particular polishes can easily find accurate photos and thorough reviews. Most of the polishes featured here are inexpensive drugstore brands, like Wet n Wild, Sally Hansen, and New York Color.

Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and share opinions! I’m always interested in hearing about your experiences with your favorite polishes.

I also have a Nail Art Index featuring a range of decorative manicures.

Who’s writing?

Just another nail blogger! My interest in blogging about nail polish was inspired by the wonderful Kelly at Vampy Varnish — I’ve been reading her blog since it began in fall 2008.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

I have not received any samples from polish companies. All the polishes shown on this blog were purchased by me or were given to me by family or friends who are unaffiliated with polish companies. Reviews are based on my own experiences with the products, and as such may be positive, neutral, or negative. I receive no compensation for writing reviews.

I will always disclose if and when a company provides me with a product for review. I do not guarantee a positive review.

Polishes in the Header Image

From left to right:

  • Etude House – “BL009″
  • Borghese – “Borghese Red”
  • AC – “QDN06″

One response to “About

  1. i was wondering if u ever heard of a nail polish calle red raven by love my nails it is a very deep red and i saw it on a girl the other day and she said that was the color and name of the maker if u happen to know where i can get it or find more info on it that would be greatly appreciated also love the blog keep up the great work thanks!

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